About / Acerca del autor

I am a researcher in communication, a freelance journalist and a photographer. My work has been published, among others, in Soho, Mundo Diners, BG Magazine, El Telégrafo (Ecuador), Gatopardo, Travesías (México), GEO, Enorm (Germany) and Rolling Stone (Latin America Edition), a magazine in which I was a correspondent in Ecuador for four years, until 2009.

I published the photo book CROMOS (2010) and with the art and cultural research collective La Selecta – Cooperativa Cultural, I published the book LAS HUECAS (2012), about traditional and street food in Quito.

My blog can be found at www.elrestoesmio.blogspot.com and I am a member of the music band Rocola Bacalao.

I currently live in Paris, where I work for Radio France International.  I am also a freelance journalist and photographer for several publications throughout Latin America.